Tips for The Care Of Window Tinting

So you have just got car tinting done on your beast. It's all well and good cruising around in your sleek and spruced up vehicle. It's quite another to make sure the car is kept in good nick in the long term. Here are some tips for self-care of your newly tinted window film, to make sure that they last the distance, and are worth the investment.

Just Tinted a car? Leave It Alone For 48 Hours

Don't be tempted to touch the windows for 48 hours. This is the time that's required for the window film to bond with the glass. By opening up the window during this time, you are shifting the position of the window tinting relative to the window, leading it to dislodge and warp it.

Just had your home tinted? Be Extra Careful When Cleaning

Cleaning of the window film should be approached in a gentle manner. Keep the abrasive scouring pads or steel wool for the kitchen. Instead use a damp chamois that's soft and lubricated with water only. A window tint normally has some kind of scratch resistant qualities, however it's still not as hardy as glass. Remember this when cleaning the windows from now on.

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