About The Independent Tinting Network

The Independent Tinting Network was created to give the Independently owned window tinting businesses in Australia a voice that has long been lacking since now. It is a way to take the most skilled, dedicated, selfless window tinting experts and allow those individuals to be found by customers that are not just looking to tint their windows, but to find a service that they can rely on for many years to come.

Installers within the ITN are completely free to choose the right product that not only suites the customer, but suites their business as well. You can get a better deal with an Independently owned business because they do not pay franchise fees, and inflated prices for products. They are not forced by contract to use one brand of window film. The ITN is completely funded by the sales of window tinting tools and products via Glass Tinting Supplies.

There is no bias, and no preference in the results, it is just showing the closest independently owned window tinting business to the customers location, the customer then decides whom to request a quote from based on location and experience of the installer. There is no price recommendation in the ITN as each installer offers varying products, and some installers may offer superior service and quality to others. So they would rightfully ask for good rates in exchange for their long term dedication and skills.

We are connecting people looking for a good deal for window tinting, to their local independent tinting specialist. Please help us support your locals, and help restore some much needed balance to the window tinting industry. And together we can get a fair deal.

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